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Successful young women in business, why not? Generation Y thrive on personal challenge, with confidence Gen Y women look up to the women who paved the way in business before them; Janine Allis of Boost Juice, Naomi Simson of Red Balloon & Kristina Karlsson of Kikki k.
In a generation notorious for being fleetingly committed a young group of women have kicked this stereotype and are fearlessly committed to their causes. Michelle Trotter, 29, started personal training Bootcamps 2 years ago. Her company, Explosive Energy now runs daily 4 group fitness Bootcamp sessions with on average 30 attendees in each class. Michelle is preparing to franchise her business across Melbourne says,’without a doubt I live and breathe a passion for my business everyday. I never thought it would be such a success so quickly.’

Finding new customers for any business is a challenge and your strategy must continually be updated. Finding a Gen Y on Facebook is like finding a goldfish in a bowl. Michelle comments. ‘The majority of my clientele heard about me through Facebook, my first ever promotion there saw 16 register through Facebook whom I’d never met before!’ Jodi Bouma, 28, also receives many enquiries through Facebook for her business Jodi Bouma Photography. Jodi comments. ‘It’s surprising how much exposure I received and how it’s helped the growth of my business.’ She has realised the power of Facebook and the effects of networking at a click of a button.
Despite the advantage of growing up with Facebook it doesn’t it always come easy to the Y generation entrepreneurs. Jodi Bouma is a fine example of a women paying her dues; juggling a day job, marketing her business, attending client photo shoots on the weekend and editing photos in the evenings. When asked about her future aspirations Jodi is quick to reply, ‘It is my dream to work in my business full time, I am extremely passionate & inspired to accomplish my dreams. I will work the long hours and make the necessary changes to see my passion for photography and business grow.’ Jodi is currently setting up her own boutique photography studio, in the heart of the Dandenong Ranges. She specialises in weddings, portraits & design.

But in hard economic times do these young fearless business women have what it takes to see their businesses thrive? Jacqui Yates, 28, of Total Relaxation Therapy believes that starting a business post Global Financial Crisis has strengthened her business position. She says, ‘When people are cautious about spending money it pushes you to know more intimately and target more fiercely your niche market, especially when your product is a luxury item.’ Over the last 2 years Jacqui has seen steady business growth to her mobile massage, pedicure and manicure business, which she attributes to persistence. ‘When you have an aim, persist. Do the steps necessary to achieve that aim, persist.’
Would these 3 women encourage other young women thinking of taking a risk and growing a business? A resounding,’Yes!’

Article Published in Signpost April 2012 edition

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